About Us

Home is the best place we can stay and have fun with family and friends. Founder Mike and Mickey are both fashion lover who love to create things in fashion, home and lifestyle. One day a friend ask both of them, “I want to renovate my house where do I start”. They help their friends by giving a home renovation guide with some DIY tips for those place that needs a little detail. And they guide their friends on where to find a house renovation contractor that will not charge them too big. That friend they help them not only on written guides but also they are part of remodeling her home. With this situation, both Mike and Mickey are guiding from beginning to end.


With the success of the remodeling, they both thought of searching more home guide for renovations and remodeling and since the blog is famous in our days now they create this blog to help individuals like a wife and single people who live by themselves and other readers who want some creative ideas about home. Many people want to remodel a house where to start is their problem. So they are in this business of finding solutions on home renovations.


With the initial topic of remodeling an old house what to restore and what to replace they were able to boost their blog site and that where they encourage searching and try many ways about home decor and other related topics. Besides ideas, they also provide an article about tricks and tips on how to have an inexpensive home renovation. Materials that have good quality but less expensive. Not only for home but also in fashion and lifestyle they create an article about it. In this way, they want to help people who have no idea how to and DIY styles.